For many years, there has been one brand of fuel filtration systems that has earned the confidence and respect of engine and equipment builders, owners and operators around the world – Racor.

Leading edge technology and continuous innovation are designed into every system and genuine aquabloc filter elements have set the global standard. In every configuration, at every flow rate and in any operating environment, Racor is the most trusted name in engine protection.

Dahl has proven performance in the laboratory and in millions of kilometers/hours of commercial and industrial use. You can be sure that each Dahl unit is designed right, built right and does the job right.

Clean fuel provided by a Dahl diesel fuel filter/water separator eliminates nearly all the engine problems caused by water and solid contaminant in diesel fuel. In addition you can expect longer injection system component life, full power performance and lower element replacement cost.

Separ Filters are the simple solution to many different fuel related problems. They are specifically designed to protect engine and augments reliability, reduce priming time, save time on maintenance, reduce waste stream and risk of oil spillage, pump oil into and out of engine and increase fuel system component life.

Separ is manufactured using only the highest quality materials to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel engines. Its multi-functional features include primary fuel water separator removing 99.9% of water (Certified TUV Report using SAE J1839), in-line manual fuel primer, drain/fill oil change system, and minimal fuel flow restriction.



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